Which flooring is best for the kitchen and bathroom?

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Ocean 8 V4 - grey

Do you want to lay new flooring in your kitchen or bathroom? Make sure to choose flooring materials that are water resistant. A glass of milk shattering on the ground, a dog shaking off the rain, a jolly sea battle in the bathroom ... That’s life, and the reason you’ll be happy with a floor that can handle a lot. Curious about the advantages of laminate and vinyl flooring? 

Advantages of water-resistant laminate flooring

How about water-resistant laminate in your bathroom or kitchen? Water-resistant laminate is easy to maintain and install, and resembles an authentic wooden floor. The water won’t be able to penetrate the joints or planks. And you don’t have to worry about small or big messes.

Advantages of waterproof vinyl planks and tiles

Vinyl planks or tiles are a type of click flooring that absorbs the sound of walking. The material feels comfortable and warm under your feet. Additionally, they are moisture-resistant thanks to the use of waterproof materials in the top layer and in the core. The PU-lacquer finish ensures their durability, even when you are raising  the next cycling champion or have just welcomed a new puppy into your home. 

  • vibrant stone gunmetal_lvt_612x306_berryalloc_rsh_03
    Vinyl planks -  Live - vibrant stone gunmetal
  • select light brown_lam_v4_1288x190_berryalloc_rsh_7
    Laminate - Ocean+ - select light brown
  • select light brown_lam_v4_2038x241_berryalloc_rsh_10
    Laminate - Ocean+ - select light brown

Water-resistant or waterproof?

  • Water-resistant flooring such as water-resistant laminate can withstand water for at least 24 hours. As a rule of thumb: mop up spilled liquids as quickly as possible. 
  • Waterproof flooring such as vinyl planks & tiles will not be impacted by liquids and won’t absorb any water.

Easy to maintain

Laminate and vinyl planks & tiles are extremely user-friendly. A hoover and a damp mop is all that’s needed to clean your floor. 

Myfloorstyle Parallax image_lam_1235x432_gyant warm natural-1

Laminate - Ocean 12 XL - Gyant Xl Warm Natural

Excellent choice for underfloor heating

Do you enjoy walking barefoot through the house? Both laminate and vinyl flooring are excellent options to combine with underfloor heating. When laying flooring on top of underfloor heating, make sure to install a vapour barrier and expansion joints between the heated and unheated zones. Consult your dealer for more information. 

Install it yourself

If you’re handy, you can lay your own laminate or vinyl flooring thanks to the click system. Everything starts with a clean and level base. And before you start, it is best to let the planks or tiles acclimatise (48 hours) to the temperature and humidity.

DIY not your cup of tea? Ask an expert to install your flooring.

Want to see and feel laminate flooring, vinyl planks & tiles?