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The walls no longer have to be the only colour accent in your interior. Nowadays, floors can be found with all sorts of colour shades. This way, you can make your room stand out in a unique and personal way.

How do you choose the right floor colour? 

If you want to add lots of character to your room with a specific colour, then you’ll be glad to know that each floor has a coloured undertone. There are many different colours and combinations possible, so you will always find a colour that suits your style.

The undertone of a floor is the hint of colour you see when you look at the floor. It is not the primary colour of the floor, but a subtle shade that can determine the atmosphere and appearance of the room.

With so many character floor colours to choose from, here are our tips for choosing the right floor colour:

  • Yellow: floors with a yellow undertone create a sunny and summery feel. It’s the perfect match to turquoise, white, grey and natural wood tones.
  • Orange: symbolising vitality and warmth, a floor with an orange undertone can add a warm and inviting glow to any neutral room scheme.
  • Red: red’s vibrancy is immediately associated with sunrises and long summer sunsets. A floor with a red undertone matches nicely with black and white decoration.
  • Powder pink and terracotta: floor colours with these pink tones create a soft and warm feel that’s perfect for giving a cosy feel in bedrooms.
  • Purple: the magnetism and allure of this floor undertone brings your interior to life. Choose floors with a dark purple character and team them with white walls and light coloured wood, complementing with soft purple decorative pieces.
  • Green: with a connection to the great outdoors, floors with (sage) green makes you think of calming, hilly landscapes. Combine with richly toned wood and plants to up the natural feel. Gold coloured accents like brass lamps or a sun shaped mirror finish the look.

a tip to avoid blunders?

Use the floor colour as a base for wall paint (and never the other way around).
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Laminate -Ocean 8V4- Gyant warm brown

How to choose the right colour for your floor? 

The colour of the tones and accents in your floor form the basis of its character and make for the start of your decoration scheme. If you already have a floor colour in mind, choose a wall colour to put the spotlight on your floor. You can opt for different styles:

Sol Stratifié Gyant Warm Brown - Rouge coloré foncé Fauteuil Wooden Chair Cappellini / Abat-jour Penny par Made / Lin lavé / Papier peint Grand hôtel Stardust TP 336 11 par Elitis

Laminate Gyant Warm Brown - Couch Cappellini - Abat-jour Penny by -  from washed linen - Paper paint Grand hôtel Stardust TP 336 11 by Elitis

These are all floors with red undertones. Discover with Harmony Lab from BerryAlloc which colours you can best combine this with.

  • Create a cohesive look by painting your walls in a similar shade to your floor. Remember, it’s a lot easier to find the right paint colour to match your floor rather than the other way round.
  • Create an optical illusion to make your room look deeper than it is by extending the colour of your floor up the wall. Around 15cm should do it. This can work really well with richly coloured floors.
  • Keep your walls white (or paint them in a neutral and light colour) and use coloured furniture and decorative objects in harmony or contrast with the character of your floor.
  • Dare to combine colours with different shades of a single colour or opt for colourful contrasts by using different but compatible colours for balance and harmony.


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