Green walls, wooden flooring, and plants: tips to give your living room a natural look

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Nobody can resist nature’s call! Plants are a growing source of inspiration for interior designers. They bring your interior to life and purify the air. In this article, we will share our best tips for you to try this decorative trend out for yourself, and design your own ode to nature.

Living room: a natural style for an organic interior 

Do you dream of a natural interior that matches your style? Let’s make that dream reality! When you think of a botanical style, the first thing that comes to mind is green. Its fresh, soft hues bring movement and calm to your living room. In terms of paint, we complete the look by combining various shades of green to create a harmonious colour-on-colour effect. Pair the whole with a (solid) hardwood parquet floor, which will develop a unique patina layer with time: the wood will take on a ‘weathered’ appearance as if it has stood the test of time. 

Or you could paint a single wall green and play around with the colour-on-colour effect, by adding a sofa or dresser in a similar shade. 

Decorationt tip?

Pick your paint after choosing your furniture to achieve a similar colour.
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It’s very trendy to cover an area of the wall with floral wallpaper (for example, something romantic, English, exotic, or Japanese) and accentuating it with a cornice or large piece of furniture. If you dare, you could even cover the entire wall with standard or panoramic wallpaper featuring a plant pattern to maximise the concept of an ‘indoor garden’.             

Green tints work perfectly on your living room floor too. Choose for example, for a light parquet floor with a green undertone, complemented with light-coloured furniture made of wood, rattan, and light grey or grey-green walls.

Don’t miss out on these winners: 

You can also bring nature into your living room through a mix of natural materials in both furniture and decoration. Solid wood, leather, linen, rattan, bamboo, wool, terracotta, cotton, and jute are all excellent materials to create an interior inspired by nature.

Plants are an absolute must to create a green feel. A painting featuring plants, a plant hanging from a rattan or leather rope, a flower pot with metal legs or a designer planter, a glass and brass terrarium... The options are almost endless if you want to adorn your house with greenery.  The most important thing is to choose plants that match your style

  • Big and graphic for a contemporary look
  • Neat and light for a classic style
  • Exotic and luscious for an artisanal vibe  

Living room: which kind of green works best?

Almond green, sage green, teal, pale green, mint green, emerald green, olive green, pine green – the number of shades is limitless. Among the lighter hues, greyish green and sage green are the most popular choices for a calming interior. These neutral and subtle shades of green work perfectly as a general wall colour. 

Among mid-tone colours, khaki green is the way to go! This tint is equally compatible with an industrial-style living room as it is with a natural, modern living room. Place a khaki green, velvet sofa against a wall in the same shade, and put a stool or coffee table in the shape of a tree trunk next to it. Add pictures featuring graphic leaf patterns, and opt for dark wood flooring. 

If a deeper, darker green appeals to you more, go for emerald, duck or pine green. This works exceptionally well in art-deco-style living rooms. Complete the look with a touch of gold! Laminate flooring with a herringbone pattern add the finishing touch to the luxurious appearance of your living room.  

Vase Barre Bourroullec par Vitra, Textile 616-16 Smart Cedre par Lelievre Paris, Textile Rio Cha cha cha OD 118 02 Elitis, Papier peint Flower Power Alocasia TP 302 02 par Elitis, Peinture Vert Tounis, Le Génie du lieu - Collection «Toulouse» par Nacarat

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Living room: decoration trends inspired by nature Quels styles de décoration au naturel ? 

A classic style requires a combination of a delicate green, such as a medium greyish green, that can easily be applied to a wall or sofa, in combination with a blonde flooring (such as a light- or medium-dark floor with a yellow undertone or a light floor with a red undertone by BerryAlloc). Don’t forget to use white accents to maximise the brightness!

To create a contemporary, chic style, you can go for a dark green (a stronger shade of green) as the dominant colour, and pair it with a golden coloured or mahogany wood floor (in a more powerful shade of yellow or orange) or a grey floor (for example, medium greyish yellow). To decorate, choose gold, black, pink or terracotta accessories. The secret behind this style is making sure that the room is spacious enough and well-lit.

Lastly, to bring an artistic style to life, you could paint a golden green patina effect on a single wall. The best flooring options include a blonde, ash blonde or light amber laminate floor (in shades of medium yellow, medium greyish yellow, medium orange) alternated with beige.


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